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restoring faith in love

I cant wait to find this

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First day of school in Gaza Sep 14th,2014.

School was delayed in Beit Hanoun because people is taking shelter in schools as they lost their houses were destroyed in the recent israeli attack on Gaza. The school plan is about outside class rooms activities to help children get over the psychological trauma after war .

Children prayed for their dead friends and put up their names instead of the place they should have be using is school.

Tell them not to fire rockets from the schools and shit like that won’t happen thank you.

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It' s Time for Zionists to Become Offensive, by Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer →


The great tragedy within contemporary Zionism is that Zionist leadership and articulators operate on a continuum of defensiveness, always reacting to the latest attack on Israel’s legitimacy.  This “reactive defensive Zionism” is the same whether we look at Jewish organizations, Jewish political figures, or even at college Jewish activists.  In striking contrast from Israel’s present Operation Protective Edge, Zionists perpetually “play defense.”

Defense certainly is an important part of a winning strategy.  The best hockey and football teams still need to field a goalie.  American Football teams need a defensive squad and a special unit for a “goal-line stand,” and baseball strategy includes defending against a bunt, pulling an infield-in, and over-shifting towards right field when a left-handed hitter comes to bat.  Even so, no team ever wins if it fails to score.  And teams well ahead of their opponents see their leads disappear when they excessively shift into a “prevent defense mode” that concedes offense exclusively to the opposition.



We need to initiate the discussion, not to react.  We need to be creative in our presentation, not predictably defensive.  We need to capture the imagination by shifting dynamically, as Sid Luckman did on the field, into a T-formation with men in motion.

1.  BDS Right Back at Them. It is time for Israel’s supporters to start a nationwide campus and union movement to boycott, divest, and sanction Arab racist regimes like Qatar — the bankers of Islamist terror throughout the world — and Saudi Arabia, the country that gave America 15 of the 19 destroyers on September 11, 2001.  It is true that they manufacture virtually nothing useful to boycott, so we have to find that something besides oil — and also oil — and start a BDS campaign on campuses throughout America.  Demand, for example, that the next World Cup be moved from its planned venue in Qatar. We need to be the ones circulating our petitions on campuses, calling attention to racism — particularly against Black people who are enslaved and gay people who are tortured and murdered — in the Arab world. 

We need to petition and demand BDS against those Arab countries and societies that tolerate gender discrimination and that perpetrate religious intolerance.  We need to BDS Arab Moslem countries that will not allow women to work equal hours for equal pay … or to drive a car.  We need to BDS those societies that not only compel gay people to hide in the closet but that even raid the closets to discover them and then stone them to death. We need to promote boycotts of travel to any Arab country that mistreats Christians and that tolerates the kinds of church burnings that we would execrate if happening in Mississippi or Alabama.  We need to stage boycotts at the docks, organizing longshoremen to refuse unloading ships from Arab ports of call if they bear the flag of countries that bash Gays, crucify Christians or burn their churches, enslave Blacks, and treat women as second class.  We need to promote sanctions against the destruction of churches throughout the Arab world. 

In short, we need to go on the offensive and let people know how bad that world’s racism, misogyny, homophobia, religious hatred, and bigotry extends in the specific Moslem Arab countries who are human-rights perpetrators.

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Sanders is literally a socialist.

And he wants to run Democrat in 2016.

This will help us so much.

You remember the results of the 2008 and 2012 elections, right?

Just checking…

Obama never outright said he is a socialist, using the exact word “socialist.”

Sanders has.

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